Kanjivaram Saree Colour Choices for the South Indian Brides

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Hey guys! Sorry for the long gap, I was just being fashionably late.πŸ˜‹ Just kidding! I had so much going on and needed to take a short break from everything.Β 

Today I am going to do a fashion post as requested by you guys. My post is about the different colour choices to consider while shopping for bridal kanjivaram sarees for the South Indian brides. Sarees make a great bridal wear dress due to its elegance, uniqueness, and exquisite zari works.

Kanjivaram bridal sarees are usually more expensive than other types of sarees due to its colourful and good quality silk used, skilled craftsmanship required and zari used. The price depends mainly on the amount of zari work and the pureness of silk used. Traditional kanjivaram sarees had only limited colour choices, like red, green, blue and yellow. But now, due to the increase in demand for uniqueness and different options, a lot of different designs and different colour choices are available. Colours ranging from pastels to black to different shades of the same colour are readily available. So lets get started.


Pastels are in well in trend and now many brides are preferring pastel coloured sarees on their wedding day. I am a fan of pastel colours and I feel they give you fun, fresh and elegant look and it gives a feeling of uniqueness. Pastels can be in shades of blue, pink, green, lavender, lilac, yellow, orange, cream, grey etc. If you want to wear a pastel colour but feel that you might look dull, you can pair your pastel saree with a contrasting blouse colour or simply add bright embroidery works or tassels on your blouse to get the best of both worlds. You can also choose a pastel colour saree with a bright coloured border. But believe me, these colours don’t look dull.

Whites and Offwhites

White kanjivaram sarees with bright coloured borders and blouse are another great option. They are unique and so very pretty. And you can match just anything with white.

Rustic gold

Rustic gold is another unique yet beautiful bridal saree colour choice. Pairing this saree with antique gold ornaments would give it a royal look.

Greys and Silvers

If they say you can’t wear black for your wedding, then wear a grey or silver. Grey is still not a common choice by brides but if you are looking to create an edge, this would be a great choice. I really like the colour grey.

Oranges and Peachs

Orange was once a popular colour choice, but that dipped as more and more colour choices started coming up. Now orange shades are coming back up in trend and these sarees look as beautiful as ever. If you are looking for a bright and pretty colour, why not keep peach as an option when you go saree shopping. Peaches can be ranging from pinkish peach to orangish peach to even pastel colour. And they are all great shades.


The colour pink has a special place in most girl’s hearts. Pinks add a touch of feminine beauty and love. There are different shades of pink sarees to match every girl. It is one of the most preferred bridal kanjivaram saree colour. For this reason, there are a lot of different pink shades and design choices available in stores.


Red is one of the most popular saree colour choice of a South Indian bride and for a good reason too. The zari colour and gold ornaments blend in well with red. Check out how these brides rocked in red saree.

Purples and Wines

Nowadays, I can see few brides wearing purple kanjivaram sarees. And they do look nice. It’s edgy, elegant, and purple being the colour of royalty is a great choice to be worn by brides. My mom wore a purple saree for my wedding and she sure did look good. Take a look at these brides rocking in purple.

Blues and Greens

I love these colour, so do most of them, both men and women alike. So why not wear them for your wedding. They do look good and cool, and now there are different colour variants of ornaments available. You just have to choose something that matches your saree. Diamond ornaments go well with these colours.

That is it, guys. Hope you found this blog useful. Hope you have read about my post on Trendy Function Wear Outfit Ideas. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more posts. xoxoxo

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