Fashion Tips For Petites

fashion tips for peites

Welcome back guys to my yet another post. I hope you all have read my previous post on some of the Go-to Brands for Petites. Today I am going to give some tips on the different styles of clothes to wear that will flatter a petite frame.

For a long time, there was this common notion that short girls could only wear certain styles that suit them. As a result, the options were very limited and boring. Only recently did more and more designers and brands started focusing on the different body types of women and started separate lines to suit all body types.

Let me share some fashion advice for short girl to help you embrace your height and look the best.

No hard and fast rule

First thing that I would like to say is, there is no hard and fast rule on what a short woman should wear and what not. Just like how some styles may suit some women while it might not for others, the same is true for short women as well. It is mainly based on the body type. If you try a style and you really like it, you should get it! It would help a lot if you shop from a petite line.

Find a good tailor

If your option for getting a designer brand are limited, you can always get your clothes altered or tailored to get the perfect fit. Find a good tailor who can stitch you different styles or alter your store bought clothes while keeping the same style and perfection. If you can find a good tailor, all you need to do is show them the particular model you have in your mind and ask them to replicate it in your size.

Crop Tops and High Waists

Crop tops are a must have for petite women as they elongate our stature and highlight our curves. You can pair the crop top with a high-waisted denim or skirt to make your legs look longer. This kind of style helps in creating an illusion of height. A crop top and a full length palazzo works well too. A wide-legged crop pant does not flatter a petite as it can make you look much shorter! Get the latest designs from

Crop top and high waist for petites

Wearing over-sized dresses, like shirt dresses could make you look much shorter. If you like wearing over-sized dresses, you can add a waist belt to highlight and define your frame. Body fitted waist lines defines a petite silhouette better making you look taller and elegant. The length of the dress also matters. For a petite body, it is always better to show more skin. So, the shorter the length of the dress, the better. A dress that ends at the mid-thigh level is the best for young petites. Knee-length dresses are great too. But if you want to wear anything longer, then full length dresses are the best option. They make you look taller and you can wear good heals with it, which gets covered by your dress and this can give you an added length. These lengths make your proportions look better. That being said, if you put on a midi dress and you feel its suiting you, then you might as well get it. I have a midi dress myself, and I like it, though it will never be my favourite.

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Prints and Kurtis

Large prints does not usually suit a petite women, as they can be quite over whelming. Smaller and subtler prints are the best. The focus should be on you and not the massive prints! So let the prints be smaller than your fists. When wearing kurtis, go for thin palazzos, straight cut pants or tight pants. A long kurti with the same coloured (or in the same family of colour) will make you look taller as there won’t be any divisions in your frame, giving a continuous effect. Make sure that the prints are not too loud.

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Colour Choices and Contrasts

There are no such colour restrictions and you can wear any colour that pleases you. However, if you want to look taller, it is best not to wear contrasting blouse and bottom wear. Wearing the same shade of blouse and skirt or pant can make you look bigger. Vertical lines can create an illusion of height.


Petites can wear flats and still look good. Don’t just limit your style to heels. Wear flats, flip flops  or ballerina shoes whenever you feel like. Be confident with your height. A pointed V-shaped footwear can make you look taller. So a pointed pump or shoe is a must have to give you an elongated feeling at the bottom. If the colour of your footwear sharply contrasts with your dress, it can create dwarfing look. Ankle belts are not preferable if you want to appear taller as it will create a division in your vertical frame. If you want to wear an ankle belt shoe, go for nude to light coloured straps. When it comes to boots, ankle boots are the best. If you want to wear a longer boot, knee-high boots are good too. If the boots are pointed at the toe area, the better. 

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shoes for petites
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Just like prints, a smaller bag suits a petite body rather than a bigger bag. A medium sized tote bag, a small clutch with or without a chain strap, a small sized backpack a cross-over bag all suits a petite body. It is important that the length of the strap are not too long as it should not go below your hips.

bags for petites

This is a quick tip from my side. For a petite woman, shorter to medium hair length suits the best to look taller and more vibrant. Anything beyond medium length and in a single layer can create a dwarfing effect on you. The trick is to add more attention to your face. So adding colours or highlights and layers in front around your face is a good idea.

These are some of the tips that I feel have worked for me personally. I hope this post would help you guys out. If there are any other tips or suggestions worth mentioning, do write to me.

Please support me by sharing and subscribing to my posts. I would love to see your comment  below for any suggestions or feedbacks. My next blog is about some of the function wear outfit ideas for petites. Stay tuned. Love you guys. xoxoxo

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