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Welcome to my blog guys. Today I am going to talk about some of the brands that provide a special line of clothes for all the petite ladies out there. If you are here reading my blog it’s probably because you are one among us petites. Hi5 to all you ‘super cute’ short ladies. For those of you who are not familiar with this word, in fashion and clothing, petites are referred to women who are shorter than 5 feet 4”.

Shopping for clothes is one thing I love but when I am unable to find an outfit that doesn’t fit me well, it just spoils my mood. It’s just so difficult to get an ankle length jeans or any jeans of my height without having to alter. The problem with altering is that by the time you cut off around one fourth of the jeans, the fitting still is often not perfect. This is because a typical store bought jeans is usually stitched according to the average height of women. This problem is not just limited to bottom wear; length of sleeve and torso measurements (vertical) for tops have the same issue as well,

 not to mention the length of dress. For this reason, I have only a few limited go to brands where I feel the stitching suits me better.

Recently many stores have launched a separate petite section targeting clothes for us petites. I was so happy to stumble into a petite section one day while shopping that I had a shopping haul that day. Finally, clothes made for me! Ever since then, I mostly buy my clothes from a petite section only. It is not that the regular sized clothes don’t suit me at all, but that I can always find a better tailor-made fitting to flatter my frame in the petite section, especially for denims. The concept of one-size-fits-all is long gone as the standard of fashion is rising and customers are being more specific. But not many brands provide these sections (especially in India) and many who provide petite collections only have limited designs.

So for those of you who have a tough time shopping to get your perfect fit, I am going to list out a few brands:

1. TopShop

TopShop Petites


TopShop is one of my favourite brands having petite collection and having denims with different styles to suit each body type. There are a lot of different styles of clothing available to us as well. Whats special is they don’t just have a section for petites, they have a special collection for tall women as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is available in India but for those of you who have access to this brand online or instore, please do try it out.

2. Forever New

Forever New - Petites


Forever New has launched a section for petites and they have stores all over India. They focus on jeans, dresses, workwear, skirts, and separates. They have a nice online store as well. I love to buy my tops from here as they offer a wide range of trendy designer tops. They have a nice collection of casual and party wear dresses as well.


3. Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins - Petites


Dorothy Perkins has plethora of petite dresses, tops, knitwear, jeans and jackets are all perfectly sized for those under 5 ft 3. They have a variety of casual wears and floral prints.


4. H&M

H&M - Petites

H&M’s petite collection has a range year-round looks. They offer a variety of stylish pants and dresses that are ideal for work. Most of their sizes are starting from xxs as well.

5. Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge - Petites


Miss Selfridge have a wide range of stylish and trendy petite wears. You can find your perfect fit of cropped tops, trousers, dresses, skirts and much more. Those who shop at TopShop should try this place too.

Banana Republic, River Island, Express, The Little Bra Company, Gap, and Asos are some of the brands that provide petites clothing, ranging from chic and sophisticated styles to casual and fun styles. There are also various brands that provide petite collection for Plus size petites like the brands Macy’s and Eloquii.

Apart from this, these brands have also kept us in mind as their sizes are more accommodating:

  1. Hollister and American Eagle Outfiters: though these brands don’t have a petite section, they do have denims and jeggings with short lengths (shorter inseams) which are usually short enough.
  2. Nuon by Westside: Nuon is a women’s brand sold by westside. They have a wide range of styles focusing mainly on teenagers and young adults. They have tops starting from size xxs. Their xs fits me well.


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As more and more brands are coming up, we are now able to keep up with the latest fashion trends as ‘fashion is all about change to keep life interesting’. 

I hope you guys found my post useful. If you know of any shop that has a petite line worth mentioning, please do leave a comment. In my next blog, I am going to give some suggestions on some of the must have dresses and fashion tips for all the short beauties out there. Stay tuned. xoxoxo

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