Shea Moisture – Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo Review

shea moisture shampoo

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Before I start, I want to thank everyone for their support and feedback, and helping me move forward in this journey. Today, I am going to do a product review on Shea Moisture’s, Moisture Retention Shampoo.

Shea Moisture is a personal care brand focusing on shampoos, conditioners and body wash. This brand is one of the most sought out brands in the curly hair community. They don’t use any harmful ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, petroleum and formaldehyde. Now let me get on with the review.

Price: I got this shampoo for $9.97 for 384 ml from Walmart, in US.  It is available in Amazon for Rs. 1,830. It is definitely quite pricey, but I would say that it is totally worth it as it has good quality and certified organic ingredients.

Packaging: this product comes in plastic bottle with a press-in cap, making it travel friendly.

Consistency and smell: the product is white in colour and is of medium consistency. It has a very mild, nice soapy smell. This is good as no harsh fragrances have been used.

Product Claims: fortify and restore damaged, transitioning or over-processed hair. Perfect for transitioning chemically treated hair to natural.

Ingredients: this shampoo contains certified organic raw shea butter, sea kelp powder, argan oil. These are its three main ingredients. Apart from this, it also has soybean oil, tacopherol (a form of vitamin E) and glycerine.

The cleansing agents used are Decyl Gucoside (plant-derived cleanser suitable for sensitive skin), Coco Glucoside (vegetable origin), and sodium lauroyl lactylate(a natural emulsifier). This is great as they are all naturally derived and mild.

It has used an essential oil blend for fragrance which is great.

This product does not contain any sulphates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil or petroleum.

I really love this shampoo and this is my second bottle. This is a mild shampoo and as it is targeted for dry and damaged hair, it is really moisturizing. It really controls my frizz and makes my hair shiny. As it is really moisturizing, I don’t really find the need to oil my hair before shampooing. As for the days I oil my hair, I have to thoroughly wash my hair to take all my oil off. This shampoo has really helped to define and strengthen my hair.

  • Really moisturizing
  • Controls frizz and makes hair healthier
  • Good quality ingredients
  • Great for damaged, transitioning and curly hair
  • Curly girl approved
  • Lathers well for a sulphate free shampoo
  • Pleasant smell. Does not contain any harsh fragrances
  • It’s pricey

Rating: 4.8/5.0  

I really, really like this shampoo and would recommend it to all. The only con about this product is that it is too pricey to be bought on a regular basis. But for those of you who are on a quest for finding a good shampoo should really consider trying this product. This shampoo is great for curly to wavy hair.

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That’s it guys. Hope you liked my review. Do share your opinions and experiences on using this shampoo. Stay tuned for more posts and updates. Lots of Love! xoxoxo

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